Wire Transfers

Wire Transfers

Wires are ideal for international transfers, or in situations such as real estate transactions, where wiring funds is required.
** If you want to make a domestic transfer of funds where a wire is not required, you might consider using an ACH transfer instead. ACH transfers out are $3.00 and ACH transfers in are free!**

Wire Cutoffs:
Please be advised that any wire requests received after 2:30pm on weekdays or 1:00 pm on Fridays will be processed the next business day.

Wire Fees:
  • Outgoing domestic wire: $20.00
  • Outgoing international wire: $60.00
  • Incoming wire (any type): $15.00

Sending a wire from Collegedale Credit Union

Authorization Required for Sending Wires
  • For wire transfers, we need you to authorize the transfer. (We don’t like to send your money somewhere unless we’re really, really sure it’s you.)
  • To authorize a wire transfer, we’ll need you either to sign a request form or to log in and request the transfer through your online banking.

Information Needed for Domestic Wires
  • Routing number of the recipient financial institution
  • Physical address of the recipient financial institution
  • Member number of the recipient
  • Physical address of the recipient

Information Needed for International Wires
  • BIC or (Bank Identifier Code), also known as a SWIFT code
  • Physical address of the recipient financial institution
  • IBAN (International Bank Account Number) *
  • Physical address of the recipient
  • ADDITIONALLY: If the international recipient financial institution has a U.S. based intermediary bank, we will need the Bank Identifier Code (BIC) and address for that bank as well
* The IBAN tells us the financial institution and the individual account number where the funds should be sent. You should be able to obtain an IBAN from the recipient and his/her financial institution.

If you have any questions, give us a call! Call 423-396-2101 and ask for Member Services.

Receiving a Wire at Collegedale Credit Union

Collegedale Credit Union receives incoming wires through our corporate credit union, Volunteer Corporate Credit Union (also known as VolCorp). When you send a wire to us, you will need to use VolCorp’s routing number as the routing number on the wire. You’ll put CCU’s routing number as the account number. In the notes on the wire, make sure you put in the name and account number of the CCU member receiving the funds, so we’ll be sure to know whose account to put the money in!
  • Click here to see what this process looks like.

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