ACH Transfers

ACH Transfers

ACH Transfers are an excellent way to send or receive funds directly without using cash, checks, or cards. ACH stands for Automated Clearing House. ACH transfers must be domestic. (For international money transfers, you might consider sending a wire.)

Outgoing ACH transfer requests that we receive in the morning can usually be sent on the same day

ACH transfers can also be set up to happen on a regular basis. You can set up ACHs to transfer funds automatically on a weekly or monthly basis. *NOTE: each outgoing ACH transfer will incur a $3 fee.

To cancel an ACH transfer, we must receive written notice at least 3 business days prior to the scheduled transfer.

*Please note that there is a $10,000 limit for each ACH transaction.

Authorization Required for Sending ACHs
  • For ACH transfers, we need you to authorize the transfer. (We don’t like to send your money somewhere unless we’re really, really sure it’s you.)
  • To authorize an ACH transfer, we’ll need you to request the transfer through your online banking account. There is a form for ACH transfers In and ACH transfers Out. If you do not have online banking, you may call 423-396-2101 and request a form through secure email.

Information Needed for Domestic ACHs
  • Routing number of the recipient financial institution *
  • Physical address of the recipient financial institution
  • Member number of the recipient
  • Physical address of the recipient
* Typically, financial institutions will have different routing numbers for wires and ACHs. You should be able to find the ACH routing number on the bottom of your check.

CCU Routing Number: 261389036

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